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Here are some organisations worth joining, depending on your interests


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1   Link   Radiomuseum.org
Well respected site covering several hundred thousand radio models. There is a small joining fee. People who benefit most from this site are the ones who contribute most. Don't join just so you can download the circuit diagram for the odd radio.
2   Link   South African Radio League
If you are interested in amateur radio - you should be on this site, not mine! Worth visiting in any case.
3   Link   Analog Museum
The analog museum has a mass of information for people interested in analog computers. Analog computers are not radios, I know, but they are old and they are of interest to hobbyists and students
4   Link   Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club of Australia
Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club situated in Ardross, near Perth, Western Australia. Nice site with pictures of REALLY early radio sets.
5   Link   Free Software Foundation
The free software foundation. Without it, this web site would not exist. Please visit their web site and you will understand the good work they are doing.
6   Link   Raspberry Pi
The web site and forum where you can learn about this computer, how to set it up and answers to many raspberry pi related questions.
7   Link   Antique Radio Classified
A forum for exchangin antique radios and a forum for interest
8   Link   Antique Wireless Association
Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa. This organisation was founded 10 years ago. It deals with the entire history of radio - including radio transmission. It will be of interest to radio amateurs, as well as people interested in the origins of radio.
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