Sanwa SC2 Transistor Tester Manual
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Sanwa SC2 must have been one of the very first "Transistor Testers". It is best suited for early small signal germanium transistors that have hfe values less than 200.

I was asked by a colleague to provide the manual and pictures of the device, so here they are:

Sanwa transistor checker View of switch
Sanwa SC2 view of wiring

You can downloadthe manual here. (Left click the mouse key and "save target as...")

The instrument operates from 4 AA size batteries, and a 22.5 volt hearing aid battery. The hearing aid battery is now unavailable, so I made a rather nasty lash-up job using a Burr-Brown DC-DC converter. I thought nobody would see it. (Be sure your sins will catch you out!)

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