Written by Bryce Ringwood   

This program is intended for use on Windows 95 to XP only.  Please Note! Do not install on Windows 7 and above.

Traycalc is a calculator that sits on top of the system tray area of Windows XP. 

It functions as an algebraic calculator, so you can enter "a=3", followed by "mercy=6" then "c = a + mercy", to give "c" a value of 10.


The advantage over other calculators is principally the small screen area. Also, it might suit those people who prefer to use algebraic statements with a BASIC like syntax.

The disadvantage is that you might use the wrong operator precedence (use lots of brackets). Also - it only computes to double precision (12 digits, I think) whereas Microsoft's calculator (calc) computes to a collosal accuracy. Also - you have to use the keyboard to enter numbers.

Download it here.

There is a help manual included with the setup program.


The closest alternative is probably  a hardware BASIC like calculatot, like the SHARP PC-E1500. On a computer - running BASIC in a window ?

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