Written by Bryce Ringwood   

This program is intended for use on Windows 95 to XP only.  Please Note! Do not install on Windows 7 and above. (Unless you have above average computer skills)

CalcPad 2 is a text editing program that does calculations. It also allows you to "embed" illustrations (and other OLE objects) into the text. The idea of behind CalcPad is the old-time engineer's squared paper on which engineering calculations can be made. It even has the blue-green squares (If you want them).

CalcPad operates by making the assumption that every line you type is a calculation and if it doesn't understand what you have written, it outputs it as text. The math syntax of CalcPad is the same (or nearly the same) as BASIC.

The .zip file contains a setup file, a manual and a few examples. 


View of CalcPad 2 running

Equations are highlighted in blue, errors in red and results should also be in red.


CalcPad 2 may be downloaded here.    


On Windows XP and earlier (It will run on Windows 95), simply unzip the file and run "setup.exe". 

Known Problems

I had inadvertently omitted the help file. (Winhelp must be installed to run it ). Fixed 29 Jan, 2013. Sorry abut that.

The program has a memory leak. I think I know where it might be and will re-issue the program. If you re-run the same calc more than about 10-20 times, your computer will run sloooowly and the menu bar might begin to look like Windows 2. Kill the program and start again.

Operator precedence may be wrong (as it is in 'C') Be sure to use plenty of brackets "( )" to ensure you get the correct results.

Sometimes the results are not highlighted in red.

If I start getting too many complaints, I'll fix it up. Maybe put in a few other things too. We'll see smiley.


Any variety of BASIC (or FORTRAN - Free with your Linux)

Smath Studio

LtSpice  and - my favourite - HamCalc


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