Terminal Emulator - MSDOS
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

GT is an abbreviation for "Glass Teletype". This is a terminal emulator for DOS computers having a VGA monitor. It will turn a DOS computer into a dumb terminal. 

The program has a few graphics capabilities built into it, and can draw lines, shaded bar graphs and so on. I don't remember incorporating circles and arcs. It was loosely modelled on the Intecolor 8000 series of terminals.

To use the program, simply copy it into a DOS directory. Next set up the communications parameters using the MODE command, e.g.

MODE COM1:96,n,8,1 at the C:\> prompt.

Then type GT1, the emulator will start with a splash screen.

To exit the emulator, press the F1 key. (This is all that is required for connecting the Pic Trix board to a DOS computer).

The program is written in assembly language, and is based on a small terminal emulator called TALK, written by Ray Duncan in "MSDOS 5 Programming"  If you are using Windows, rather use "Hyperterminal" supplied as part of the Windows operating system. GT1 uses calls which may resut in a BSOD.

You can download it here. (Left click the mouse key and "save target as...")


User Manual

(To Follow - Original is in a now undecipherable formatsad)





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