Software downloads are presented "as is" (voetstoots). If the programs state they are for DOS or XP -please  do not attempt to run them under Windows 7 or 8 unless the program information specifically states you can do so.

Windows XP support ends in April 2014 - but you can still take your old XP machine to the workshop and run programs on it.  Windows had to evolve. Version 8 onwards runs on Intel 64-bit processors. Programs designed for Windows 7 and 8 will not , in general run on the earlier XP.

The web-based calculators are my attempt to get out of this "software obsolescence" spiral of developing and re-developing - I just do't have the time to do it. Please don't ask me for desktop versions, because I will have to refuse.

The days when you could play around with your computer and write the odd program for yourself are becoming a thing of the past for Windows users. (I don't think they were ever there for Mac users. ) Happily there's still a programmer's playground on inexpensive devices like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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1 Sanwa SC2 Transistor Tester Manual Bryce Ringwood 3413
2 Traycalc Bryce Ringwood 2125
3 Terse Editor v1.2 for DOS Bryce Ringwood 2324
4 CalcPad2 Bryce Ringwood 2715
5 Terminal Emulator - MSDOS Bryce Ringwood 3477
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