Raspberry Pi
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

The Raspberry Pi is now available without a long wait. It is a small computer intended to assist students with understanding computers and programming. About the size of a pack of cards, it has 256Mb of RAM and uses an ARM processor, I imagine similar to that used in many mobile phones. The standard operating system for it, is LINUX, and it uses a TV set as the monitor. The cost is under R300, excluding keyboard and mouse.

I placed a small article on geting started with the Rasberry Pi in "Experimenters Corner", although there are may other good articles on the internet to get you going if you haven't summoned up the courage to switch it on.

I know - its not an "oldradio" topic, but the same type of people who fix oldradios are often interested in this type of thing as well. Funnily enough, you also get people who are happy fixing radio sets, but wouldn't go near a computer at all.  Therein lies one of my dilemmas.

Most old/antique restoration web-sites cater purely for the radio serviceman, shall we say, "of a certain age". Well, I'm as old as that too - but it seems to me that we need technical ability and interest to be generated in the youth of today. For that reason, I hope to include a certain amount of educational material here. You will probably have noticed in the Javascript programs that they are slanted more to an educational approach than to a practical "what resistor do I need here" type of story. I started doing programs for another web-site which were geared to "solving serviceman's problems" - but lost interest.

Maybe I'll get back to them. I don't know.

In the meantimme, the Raspberry Pi beats the pants of a Pl*yst*tion.


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