The Monopolisation of Software
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

I notice a disturbing trend towards concentrating the availability of software into a small number of suppliers. This is regardless of who wrote the software in the first place. The idea is that all software for a particular device shall only be available through an "app store". The rationale being that the device is then made secure from malware, because the software has been tested.

Naturally, the software author has to pay a fee to the "app store" provider for the pleasure of having his software on the shelves, and the "app store' itself makes a percentage on each item sold.

It seems to me that this does not assist the "open source movement". It also means that downloading from a site like this one won't work in time to come. (Except, of course, those old DOS programs).

We'll have to see how all this plays out, but it is begining to look as if the web will be the last remaining area of free creativity. This web-site, for example, is written using a content management system called Joomla! - which is free to use under the terms of the GPL.

Please support the open source movement, without which, there would be far fewer web-sites and less opportunities for people to learn. Open source matters particularly to people on our continent where costly software is another stumbling block to education and progress.

(By the way, you may use the programs on this site at your own risk. They are there simply as illustrations of how to solve programming problems. You can have the code for the programs on request by emailing me.) 



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