Reactance Chart
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

This program provides a means of determining the resonant frequency or the capacitance or the inductance of a tuned circuit.


Used to calculate inductance value for radio receiver coils. Capacitance and frequency are usually known. Use for crystal set design.

Real Tuned Circuit
Parallel Tuned Circuit Series Tuned Circuit Practical Parallel Circuit


Data Entry Section

Enter the unknown quantity as zero. Press "Calculate" Button to get the third quantity. Units now use the SI suffixes. Example: 1250 can be entered as 1.25k etc

Enter /Calculate Inductance L Henrys                  

Enter / Calculate Capacitor value C Farad            

Enter/Calculate Frequency  in Hz                     

Additional Results

Capacitive Reactance in Ohms   

Inductive Reactance in Ohms    

Wavelength in metres                 




Energy in an inductor is stored inside its magnetic field. Energy in a capacitor is stored in its dielectric - the material between the capacitor plates. The tuned circuitworks by swapping energy between the inductor and capactor at the resonant frequency..


reactance formulae


Horowitz P, Hill W "The Art of Electronics"  - Cambridge University Press, 1988 pp 33-34


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