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Written by Bryce Ringwood   

After all that hard work - here's a little crossword.

Radio Quiz Crossword

To see the answer,go to the bottom of the page and turn your monitor upside-down. (Maybe there's merit in owning an iPad after all.)


       Across         Down
1. aka toob 1. Way through the board?
5. Hope this doesn't detect the dog in  the night - or maybe the cat. 2. Oldradios always need these to make the dial bright again
7. One has no idea why this is here - must be recent. (anag.) 3. Doing this to parts stops the repairer repairing
8. Makes your raspberry pi strong 4. Now and again the problem is ... this
9. The signal's enemy 5.  Don't let this phase you!
10. Quickly ! - Make everything the same like they do in 15 across 6.   Dial corder's delight to do this
13.  It hertz to think of these 11. Or is it ether?
15. Where stuff's made now 12. Something a radio announcer might wait for
17. You don't use a slide rule to do this 13.  Mechanical calculator makes it easy
19. Two in binary looks like this in decimal 14. Twice the IF away can cause this interference
20. Something to keep hot, bright and clean 16. As opposed to met? - Maybe mischievous abbreviation
21. Old standard colour for earth 18. Worldwide standard racket?

 Have fun .. here's the answer:

Crossword Puzzle Solution

 The puzzle compiler can be downloaded from puzzler's cave.


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