Why I am doing this
Written by Bryce Ringwood   

I had just finished my article on capacitors and I realised that I had used equations and drawn graphs that would make the article difficult to understand by many people. Even worse, I had used calculus notation. Perhaps you will say "So What?" The truth is that many people have an artistic, accounting or other backgrounds and the mathematics simply make no sense to them. Other people have simply forgotten what they learned and need a refresher. I fall into this category and at least I can use this series to jog my memory.

Its a pity we lose touch with our maths, because the real purpose of applied mathematics is to deepen unerstanding of precisely how the laws of nature operate. There are also pure mathematics, of course, but this is a subject of which, I am in dark ignorance.

The other thing that is sure to frustrate some of my audience, is the way equations are "thrown" at the reader. Where do formulae like Ohm's Law come from? Until we know that, can we be really sure what we're doing?

Finally, we have to perform a few calculations, otherwise our project might not work the way that was intended.

I would like to keep the articles short, fun and easy to understand. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Feed back (even NFB) would be appreciated.

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