Basic Mathematics

This section is intended as a reminder for people who have already studied mathematics, but have forgotten what they knew. There are no rigorous mathematical proofs and the explanations are sketchy - so these are just notes, partly to jog my own memory but also to jog yours.

If you are a student there are plenty of better maths web-sites to visit - in order to grasp a particular concept, you may need to study several different sources. If I have said something different from your tutor - your tutor is correct.

These articles contain many formulae and may load slowly under Internet Explorer. For some reason Chrome loads them very quickly.

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1 Why I am doing this Bryce Ringwood 1785
2 Calculators and Calculations Bryce Ringwood 2305
3 Formulae Bryce Ringwood 2845
4 Equations - Solving Problems with BASIC Bryce Ringwood 4018
5 Coffee Break Bryce Ringwood 2287
6 Complex Numbers Bryce Ringwood 1942
7 "e" and the Binomial Theorem Bryce Ringwood 2753
8 Logarithms, Decibels and Slide Rules Bryce Ringwood 2891
9 Tea break! Crossword Puzzle Bryce Ringwood 2379
10 Rough Calculus - Differentiation Bryce Ringwood 1886
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