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Written by Bryce Ringwood   

This site is dedicated to the preservation and restoration/repair of radio receivers from the crystal set era to the present day. This is a South African site, so, understandably my efforts are concentrated on sets within South Africa. If you are located somewhere else in the world, I will try to find someone closer who can help you. Usually, typing in "oldradios.co.yourcountry works well ;)

The "casebook" is a commentary on some of the radios I have had in for service and repair. Some of these are just interesting radios. Others just have interesting faults. Unless stated otherwise, don't assume they belong to me and don't expect them to be for sale. There is a classified section on the web-site.

For people who wish to repair their own sets, there are plenty of technical articles and tips.

Zenith 935

Zenith 935 from the 1930s 

Most people who visit this site will want a repair rather than restore their radios, since restoration usually involves a great deal of detailed work and research into what the set was originally intended to look like internally and externally. In most cases such restoration would be undertaken by collectors themselves, since it would be far too expensive for someone like me to do it. I will be providing some ideas on what to do to restore sets to their original condition and I welcome comments from people who have carried out their own restorations.

The customers I have had to date have been interested in getting their sets to be clean, presentable and work reliably. So far, touch bakelite, they have all been very happy.

This web-site contains articles on many topics of interest to owners of old radios and maybe there will even be some articles to suit the dedicated collector.

   National NC100 Communications Receiver

National NC 100

   Post War C13 Larkspur Series Military HF Transciever

Larkspur C13 Military Transceiver


Vacuum tubes are called "Tubes" in the US and in instruction manuals for US made radio equipment. In the UK and South Africa they are called "Valves"


This site is always being modified and your articles, suggestions and corrections are welcome. You will have to contact me to submit an article.

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