SONY AM/FM/SW Receiver ICF-5450B
Written by Bryce Ringwood   
When is a SONY not a SONY? - When its a Tedelex. Tedelex must have made these sets under license some time around 1980. They feature a gear driven film-strip tuning scale and a mechanical timer, which nobody would dream of making nowadays. Tedelex is a South African manufacturer and distributor.
Sony ICF 5450B AM/FM Receiver
This set was given to me when I delivered a new inverter battery to one of my clients. It wasn't working.(Nor was the inverter.) 
The set had a fault caused by a broken selector arm on the wave-change switch, as well as a build up of dirt on the switch contacts. It was fixed by making a new selector arm from aluminium sheet, and sticking it in to the mechanism with epoxy. 


The set is 10 transistor + 1 FET plus 1 integrated circuit superhet. One of the outputs is labelled "MPX OUT". I just don't know if this is the output from a stereo decoder, or is  intended as the input to an external decoder. I don't know what the one and only IC is used for, but suspect it to be a mixer/IF amplifier. The audio amplifier is a conventional transistor set transformer coupled amp. The set operates from 3 'C' cell batteries or AC mains via an external 230 volt to 4.5 volt adapter.
If anyone has a manual of any sort, I would be grateful if I could make a copy.
Inside View of SONY ICF5450B
Inside View showing gear drive and film strip scale.


ON/OFF Switch
AF - Volume, Treble, Bass
Dial Lamp
Tuning indicator
Band Selector

Frequency Coverage

MW Broadcast, FM and SW 3.9 - 12 MHz


The sound quality is good (about the same as a Barlow-Wadley), but limited by the inexpensive loudspeaker inside a plastic case. The tuning had backlash - maybe from age and use, but not so bad as to be more than slightly annoying. 
On shortwave the radio performs quite well, pulling in as many stations as more expensive sets on its short whip antennna. What a pity there is only one shortwave band. 
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