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Gold Flotation Production Line
Gold Flotation Production Line


Flotation technique of gold miner is used in the process of gangue quartz containing gold and sulfide ore containing gold and mineral containing coal, the size of fine gold is high floatation.

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During gold ore flotation

The flotation for gold ore during grinding-flotation is used, you can be used during grinding-flotation for mienral that the distribution is not used during regular.Se-flotation mill in our country can concentrate the useful mineral.

The size requirements for grinding gold ore

The size requirements for grinding gold ore generally the disintegration of sulfide ore is suitable for sulfide ore with gold, but the grind size must be the tamalo disintegration of gold for gold bargain. size depends anális grinding.

The requirement of thick mud for gold ore flotation

The institution of gold ore flotation: high sludge flotation ore size large thickness, high density is required, under the mud for flotation of ore fines size thick, low density is needed. thick with thick mud separation can NSURING the high percentage of recovery, with sparse fine separation sludge can increase the ore grade.

Other technical conditions

Except the size of grinding, the thickness of sludge, the amount of medicine, the amount of air flotation time etc. can influence the flotation of gold, NSURE analysis is needed.

[Production project]

A gold mine in Yunan, capacity was 300t/d; the main mineral was pyrite; fine granularity of gold; the gold had close relationship with metal sulfide mineral. This plant adopted the flotation process---one roughing, two cleaning and two scavenging. But due to surface oxidation of arsenic antimony mineral, it adsorbed amount of flotation reagents, and the flotation effect was poor. So the plant authorized Xinhai to reform the process. Xinhai replaced cyclone tailings with stages grinding & flotation and flotation tailings in accordance with existing problems in production, and Xinhai also changed the number of machine and reagents rules. Finally, this plant obtained excellent indexes. The indexes comparison as follow:

Products Name Gold Concentrate Grade/(g/t) Gold Recovery Rate/%
Before Reformation Gold Concentrate 33.35 90.62
Tailings 0.68 9.38
Crude Ore 3.32 100
After Reformation Gold Concentrate 34.38 81.80
Tailings 0.34 19.20
Crude Ore 3.30 100

After changing the previous course by the course of grinding-flotation cycle, it is easier to operate, you can retrieve useful early and rapid mineral between mienral much impurity; adjust the structure of the flotation cell to improve the environment separation and the effect of flotation sludge mineralization, secure the establización index and fluidity of course.

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Gold Flotation Production Line
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