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Gold CIP Production Line
Gold CIP Production Line


The course of the CIP plant for gold ore is the use of gold recuperarel the mud cyanide mining coal activido without hydrogenated carbon filter includes repairing the pouring mud, cyanide leaching, adsorption of activido coal, coal desorption of gold, gold seat between liquor expensive, revived coal slurry pouring process, the seven processes.


The course of the CIP plant for gold ore is suitable [ara two types of is floating or mixed gold bonus, the other is the mineral oxide corpus.

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The removal of impurity in the mud

Before the adsorption of cyanide mineral mud must be processed as rottenness impurity to prevent the beetles enter the suerba rich coal and gold and coal sludge activido also prevent clogging the sieve woodworm coal.

Leaching and adsorption

Add the activated carbon tank leaching, gold activido suerba coal sludge after sipping it, the coal sieve is used to separate the activido coal and mud.

The electrical desorption

The loaded carbon gold can separate the gold mud and coal poble under high temperature and pressure.


It can be melted gold plate after removing impurities by simple pickling.

Electrical System desorption high patience and low power consumption

It is a high temperature, high pressure, no cyanide desorption automatic control, with high efficiency, low power consumption and fast.

• High Efficiency: When the flavor gold loaded carbon scope 3000g / t, the desorption rate is over 96%, compared to conventional electric device tastes, carbona lean desorption can reduce by 50% -75 %.

• Fast: electric desorption temperature is about 150 ℃ (generally higher than other models of 30-55 ℃) system operating pressures up to 0.5Mpa (generally higher than other models 0.2-0.5Mpa), so therefore, the desorption time is early, usually 12 hours, reduced by 50% -75%.

• Low power consumption: No need to add NaCN in the liquor desorption, low cost, no pollution.

• automatic control: Establish a special control system level, the temperature control system of automatic control ysistema

• Security: triple protection measures of security, namely the intelligent system itself, mechanism of automatic pressure relief safety valve limits the insurance.

Gold CIP Production Line
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