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Fluorite Flotation Process
Fluorite Flotation Process

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There are two ways of processing of fluorite: gravity separation and flotation. The gravity separation equipment is jigger. The flotation equipment include crusher, ball mill, flotation cells and etc.


Fluorite Flotation Process It is applied with mud mineral impurities.

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Separation of fluorite and sulphide ores

Yellow medicine used as capture to float sulphide ores and fluorite to separate fatty acid.

Separation of fluorite and pyrite

Generally, it makes a mixed fluorite and pyrite flotation separation and then first.

Separation of fluorite and quartz

Apply fluorite fatty acid to capture and compress water glass quartz. You have to control the amount of water glass. Sometimes they added metal ions to strengthen the effect of controlling water glass.


The law of fluorite mine in Hebei is low, the hardness is small. The original technology is a second fine grinding sparación and seven fine separations. The law is 88% and recovery is 75.56%. The index is bad that affects the benefit of the plant. Therefore, changes shape Xinhai the buoyancy changing the repressed. The result after transformation shows that both the law and the recovery has risen sharply.

Comparison of Reformation Process Fluorite Concentrate Grade
Recovery Rate of Fluorite Concentrate
Before Reformation Once roughing, crude concentrate regrinding, six times cleaning 88.52 75.56
After Reformation Scavenging bubble into the coarse concentrate, improving the reagents system and increasing the flotation tank 93.55 88.95

After the reformation, the fluorite flotation indexes have been improved obviously, increasing the economic income of 3200000 yuan/year and the profit of 1500000 yuan/year.

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Fluorite Flotation Process
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