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Barite Mineral Processing
Barite Mineral Processing


The barite is fragile and tubular glass is great. For barite, applies Xinhai gravity separation, magnetic separation and fltación.


Preparation of fine dust and superfine powder high whiteness

Fine powder of high whiteness barite is manufactured by crushing and grinding, washing and bleaching the barite ore.

The production of barium salt

For example, lithopone, barium chloride, barium hydroxide

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gravimetric separation

For mineral barite, xinhai used crusher and shaker (screen) and separating ore concentrate jig for high law (over 80%). The jig is the main equipment for separation and purification. It is a processing with energy-saving features, efficient and procción environment. Xinahi applies the process of two-stage crushing jaw crusher xinhai for large mineral. In the screening process used criiba vibrational circular features low failure rate, high capacity, high efficiency and easy operation. Minaral Separción of two jigs type is used.


Xinahi húmado applied magnetic separator for iron ore as raw materials siderosa and barite Barite used for medicine containing very low iron.




Xinhai using flotation for fine size classification broadcast and barite tailings. According to different adsorption method, used xinahi alkyl sulfates of fatty acids and alkyl sulfonate as a collector for flotation.


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For example, in some processing plant, tailings containing BaS04 to 8% ~ 15%, xinhai applies and gets the flotation concentrate BaS04> 95%, density 4.35%, recovery rate 81%, making good profits economic.

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Barite Mineral Processing
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