Belt Conveyor with High Inclination Angle
Belt Conveyor with High Inclination Angle

Product Introduction:

A belt conveyor with short distance and large inclination angle

Production capacity: 13-794 m3/h

Product Improvement: The conveying belt with wave shaped guard side and transverse diaphragm, and the conveying obliquity is 0° -90°

Product Advantages:

  • Large lifting height
  • Large conveying angle, small area taken, reduce equipment investment and construction cost
  • In vertical layout, full closed setting, good sealing performance, little dust, good environmental protection
  • It is widely used in coal, building materials, grain, chemical industry, electricity department, underground mining engineering, strip mining, huge automatic ship discharging etc.

Product Description:

Belt conveyor with high inclination angle and waved guard side is bonded with rubber waveform vertical “skirt” with free expansion. The skirt is bonded with transverse diaphragms with a certain intensity and elasticity, which makes the material convey in the bucket.

Technical Parameters:

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