High Efficiency Agitation Tank
High Efficiency Agitation Tank

Product Introduction:

Agitation equipment which forces the slurry to take up and down circulation.

Production capacity: 0.58~45m3

Product Improvement: Umbrella shaped impeller presses the slurry, so that the slurry takes up and down circulation along draft tube, which makes reagents and slurry mix well.

Product Advantages:

  • Advanced structure of impeller, strong stirring ability.
  • The impeller of Xinhai high efficiency agitation tank adopts umbrella shaped with large diameter and linear velocity to enhance the agitation and circulation capability.
  • The enhancement of circulation capability improves floatation index.
  • The baffle can compress negative pressure to a limited space and improve suction capability. As a result, the circulation capacity is enhanced.

Product application:

High efficiency agitation tank is mainly applied in slurry stirring before floatation, chemical and construction industry, cyanide chemical plant, sewage treatment plant, and coal plant etc.

Technical Parameters:

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